Our accredited warranty is 1 full year longer than most other brands

Warranty or Repair Request

Your Fujitsu heat pump, if installed by Kiwi Electrical (Auckland) comes with a 6 year Accredited Warranty.

We do get a number of calls from customers requesting warranty repairs only to find their units with dirty filters, flat remote batteries or on the wrong settings.

Before you call for a warranty repair please carry out the following.

  • If the unit does not seem to be producing sufficient warm/cool air please check and clean the indoor unit’s dust filters.  If these have not be cleaned regularly they will inhibit the heat pumps operation.
  • If the heat pump has the operation light on but does not appear to be operating, check the operation mode and temperature settings on your remote to ensure the heat pump should be operating.  For example HEAT mode 22 degrees in summer, or COOL mode 20 degrees in winter the unit may not operate.  This is normal.  We do not recommend AUTO mode, only AUTO fan speed.
  • If the indoor unit does not beep or blink operation light when the settings are changed with the remote, please change the remote batteries.
  • If the indoor unit’s operation or timer lights are flashing, switch off the unit at the master switch for 10 minutes(master switch is located at the outdoor unit).  Switch on again and run the heat pump.
  • If the indoor units operation or timer lights continue to flash, this could be an error code.  The error code will a sequence of flashing lights, that repeat every 10 seconds or so.  Please count the number of flashes of each light and state in the form below.

In order to lodge a service call, please fill out the form below:

Please note if the problem is not a fault with the heat pump or is not a valid warranty claim, a callout fee and travel charges will apply to cover our costs.

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Model Number and Serial Number of Indoor Unit ( this will be on a sticker on the indoor unit case) *
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Is there a repeating sequence (every 10 seconds or so) of flashing lights on the indoor unit? Eg 3 x ORANGE OPERATION LIGHTS / 5 x GREEN TIMER LIGHTS? PLEASE COUNT FLASHES AND STATE HERE
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I understand that a callout fee and labour charges will apply if not covered by manufacturers warranty.

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