How efficient are heat pumps?


Nothing comes close to matching heat pumps in running costs or efficiency.   

Below are some approximate running costs for Heat Pumps supplied by Kiwi Electrical Ltd.

Prices based on inverter units running 50 hours per week in Heating mode/auto fan speed.

Model Input Power (COP) Rated heating output Approx Heated Area Monthly Cost
High Walls          
ASTG09L 730W 4.66 3.4kW 30m2 $21.67
ASTG12L 1.11kW 4.32 4.8kW 45m2 $32.50
ASTG18L 1.49kW 4.03 6.0kW 55m2 $44.98
NOCRIA AWTZ14L 1.35Kw 4.44 6.0Kw 55m2 $35.10
NOCRIA AWTZ18L 1.63kW 4.11 6.7kW 60m2 $42.47
NOCRIA AWTZ24L 2.35kW 3.61 8.5 80m2 $61.10
ASTA24L 2.42kW 3.54 8.0kW 75m2 $63.27
ASTA30L 2.64kW 3.39 9.0kW 85m2 $68.64
Floor Console          
AGTV14L Compact 1.14kW 3.61 5.2kW 45m2 $29.47
ABTA18L 1.66kW 3.61 6.0kW 50m2 $42.90
ABTA24L 2.21kW 3.61 8.5kW 70m2 $57.20


* These prices are based on estimates of the compressor running at 60% output, and units being correctly sized for the area in which they are operating.  Running costs above are estimated by Kiwi Electrical Ltd, and will vary depending on set temperature, outdoor temperatures etc.