The Premier plus heat pump will enter power saving mode if doesn’t detect anybody in the room for 20 minutes.

Our accredited warranty is 1 full year longer than most other brands

Cobalt blue coated heat exchangers for extra protection in the harshest environments


Heat pumps are by far the most efficient way to heat your home or business, and offer a precise level of comfort at the touch of a button. Nothing else compares to a heat pump in value for money.  Unlike most other forms of heating, they do not consume oxygen when heating, create moisture or gases and odours.

In fact a good quality heat pump will filter out dust, pollen and other contaminants, and will even help remove moisture from your home, making a much better environment for allergy and asthma sufferers. Heat pumps will also operate as an air conditioner, cooling your home during summer.



The most important factor in selecting a heat pump/air conditioner is the heating/cooling capacity (kwatts).  If a heat pump output is too small it will not be capable of maintaining the temperature at the required level, and will be overworked.

Efficiency is also an important factor.  Don’t just look at the heating/cooling stars rating – check the COP(co-efficient of performance) and EER (energy efficiency ratio) ratings to determine exactly how efficient the unit is, and compare these with other similar size heat pumps.

Heat pump noise levels among most leading brands are all very similar, despite what some manufacturers claim, and these too will be listed on brochures for you to compare.


Heat Pumps are without question more economical and efficient than any other form of home heating. Gas heating, gas fires, underfloor heating, central heating, electric heaters and just about every other form of home heating do not even come close in efficiency.  With energy prices predicted to rise 40% over the next 2 years, inverter heat pumps are the only heating option with low running costs that will help to keep your energy bills down.

Installing a good quality unit with an energy rating of 6 stars will give you nearly $5 worth of heating value for every $1 spent, in comparison a lower efficiency unit may only give you $2.50 worth of heating value for the same $1. In comparison an electric heater will give you less that $1 of heat for $1 of electricity.


Most leading brand heat pumps are similar in the way in which they function.  The biggest difference between manufacturers is the COP ratings, or efficiency of the heat pump

We have chosen to deal with Fujitsu products, as their heat pumps have an edge over the other brands in efficiency and performance.  We are accredited installers for Fujitsu – and offer an extended 6-year warranty on all Fujitsu systems.

With a large range of high wall, floor consoles, ceiling cassette, fully ducted and multi-split systems, we have a heating and cooling system suitable for all homes and budgets.


As a very rough guide, allow approximately 120 watts heating per square meter of the room  (based on 2.4m ceiling height). Example 6m x 4m lounge = 24m x 120W = 2.880kW. There are a number of factors however that can affect the heating load required such as insulation, windows, or if you live in a particularly frosty rural type area. We will advise you of the required capacity on a free consultation visit to your home.


We offer a free in home quote, or “off the plans” quote for heat pumps. We will not send a pushy salesman. You will be dealing with the owner-operator of Kiwi Electrical Ltd, who will be involved in the installation and commissioning of your heat pump.
We will give you an honest recommendation of a suitable system for your home.  We will fully install and test the system ourselves in approximately 4 – 6 hours, leaving you no other trades people or appointments to worry about. This also enables us to be very competitive in pricing as we handle the entire process ourselves.


As each home in NZ is unique, we offer a free in-home consultation and quote service, where we will be able to recommend a heat pump(s) suitable for your requirements and give you a very competitive quotation on the best heat pump for your home.




Finance is available on all heat pumps.