Our accredited warranty is 1 full year longer than most other brands.

3 Reasons to Deal with Us

1.    Deal with one of Auckland’s leading installers of NZ’s favourite heat pumps – Fujitsu.

We’re the No2 volume ranked Fujitsu Auckland heat pump installers in the Auckland/Northland territory We’re a family run business and you benefit by dealing directly with the owners Jason & Rebecca, not sales reps, sales managers or subcontractors. We have the experience and training to advise you on the right solution for your home, and we’ll install it correctly with a full Fujitsu factory backed 6 Year Accredited Warranty

2.    Your not just dealing with us, your dealing with Fujitsu.

As a leading Fujitsu installer we receive fantastic support from Fujitsu in pricing, marketing and in technical support.  Not only can we offer you a Fujitsu heat pump that is quieter, more efficient, and a longer warranty than our competitors, we can do it at a better price.  Any in the unlikely event of a fault, with Fujitsu technical support and our expertise we can have it sorted for you quickly.

3.    We offer a full range of heat pumps and have one in stock thats right for your home. 

Theres a huge range of brands and models out there, and some of the features that the market leading Fujitsu models now have include self-cleaning filters, 7 day programmable timers, human sensors, quiet modes, economy modes, powerful modes and much more.  That means we have a Fujitsu heat pump in stock thats right for your home, with a range of features that other brands can’t match.

Contact us today to talk about the right solution for your home.